Lakeview Kids Choir





Lakeview Kids Choir

All fourth and fifth grade students are invited to join the Lakeview Kids Choir!  The Choir members will be working together to learn choral singing concepts, teamwork, movement, and stage presence all year long while performing a wide variety of enjoyable music for audiences on campus and in the community.  Every musician is accepted and no one is turned away.  Joining the choir is a yearlong commitment that should be taken seriously.   I welcome and encourage everyone to participate in this exciting and popular ensemble!


 Choir Rehearsal Schedule

Our first rehearsal will be Wednesday, September 20th from 3:00 – 4:00 pm.  The choir will meet every Wednesday after school, with a few exceptions. Our last performance is scheduled for Thursday, March 29, 2018 at 2:10 pm.  All Choir students will be dismissed promptly at 4:00 pm at the front of the school.                      

 Choir Student Expectations 
  • Must attend all scheduled rehearsals 
  • Must attend all concerts
  • Must exhibit good behavior in school and at rehearsals
  • Must be passing all subjects 70% and above



  • No more than 2 unexcused absences from rehearsals per semester
  • Excused absences include sickness/unavoidable medical appointment or death in the family
  • Must contact Mrs. Lewis before concerts and trips to be excused.  Failure to do so could mean dismissal from choir.
  • As a courtesy, please send Mrs. Lewis a note/e-mail at least a day before, or by 8:15 am on a rehearsal day, if your child will be absent from one of our rehearsals.


Uniform Requirements

  • Choir T-shirt(Cost is $10.00) 
  • Long, decent blue jeans (no holes or tears)
  • Gym shoes

If anyone needs assistance in obtaining any of the above items, please let Mrs. Lewis know as soon as possible. The T-shirt sizing order form is in the Google Sign-Up Document at the bottom of this page.  Returning students may use their shirt from last year.  The district is implementing a new fee collecting on-line system, but it is not ready to access, yet.  When it is up and running, I will let everyone know so that you may pay for the shirts.

Note to Parents 

Thank you for considering the Lakeview Kids Choir.  I look forward to having your child join our group.  It is important to remember that this is a yearlong commitment.  If your child is involved in other outside activities, then we must communicate to work around schedules.  I am flexible and want your child to be able to be in as many extra-curricular activities as they would like.  Also, it is important that your child be on time to all performances and rehearsals and picked up promptly, as well.  I will always try to work around things that may come up!  If you have a transportation conflict, let me help you work out a car pool arrangement with another parent.  We have always been able to accommodate everyone!  We’re going to have a great year and I can’t wait to get started!

Choir Code of Ethics

  • I hereby pledge my allegiance to the Lakeview Kid’s Choir.

  • I promise to attend all required rehearsals.

  • I promise to be on my best behavior while participating in any and all choir activities in and out of school.

  • I will maintain satisfactory grades in all of my school work.

  • I will participate in all concerts throughout the year.

  • I will learn our music to the best of my ability, and practice the choir code of ethics at all times:

    “Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Responsible”

    It is a student’s choice and privilege to be in Choir.  Members must be on time to rehearsals and concerts.  Their behavior should reflect a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Their choices throughout the school day should follow the school rules.   All students are expected to actively participate in rehearsals.  If a student is distracting other students, or not cooperating in rehearsal, the student may be asked to sit out the remainder of the rehearsal and/or be asked to make a call to let a parent know that they are disrupting our rehearsal.  Unacceptable behavior may result in dismissal from our choir.

    Please recognize that your child is making a yearlong commitment.  He/she will need to be picked up and/or dropped off on time in order to remain in Choir.  We want to teach our students responsibility and timeliness.  Thank you for your dedication to making our team strong and successful.  If your child is late for pick up more than three times per semester then he/she may face dismissal.  Thank you for understanding our mission!

    Please read the NISD Choir Guidelines and Lakeview Kids Choir Activities 2016-17.pdf in these links, sign up for Remind 101 (Parents of returning 5th grade students will need to sign up again this year, as we have a new group.)
    , and sign your child/children up for the Lakeview Kids Choir in the Google Doc. at the bottom of this page.  You must click on SUBMIT at the end of the document.  

    Remind 101 (Sign up for choir text messages 

     Remind 101 is an app which allows you to join the Lakeview Kids Choir notification group.  It’s an easy way to receive instant updates and information regarding Choir from Mrs. Lewis.  This will really come in handy if an event like the Tree Lighting Ceremony gets cancelled because of the weather, or I send a reminder about details regarding a performance.  (Uniform, Santa Hat, times, etc.)  How to sign up?  It’s super easy! 

    To receive messages via text, text @lakeviewk to 81010.  You can opt-out of messages at any time by replying, ‘unsubscribe @lakeviewk’. 

    Trouble using 81010?  Try texting @lakeviewk to (469)267-6508 instead.
    Or to receive messages via email, send an email to:  To unsubscribe, reply with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line   

    Once done, you will receive all of the updates sent about the Lakeview Kids Choir!

    I look forward to another great year in the Lakeview Kids Choir!

    Please fill out the document below and make sure to click on SUBMIT.